Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pee Party

Like most emails that I receive in German, I open up Google translator and perform the translation into English. Though it’s not a perfect 1 to 1 translation, I can usually get the gist of the email and act accordingly. The email I received last week didn’t translate, or so I thought, and was a little disturbing. Here’s what the English translation looked like:

“Hi again,
The child begins to pee by 20 clock. I will give up to 20 clock still training and would subsequently take over. Anyone who would like to come along, is at 20.20 clock in the triple hall.

As a gift it is likely to give a gift certificate for the baby store.”

My good friend and teammate here, Rob, had a baby boy last week. That I knew. However, I was confused as why his child would begin to pee right at 8 pm (did they somehow have this planned?) and why would we go over there to watch this? On top of it all, we would bring a gift? I had so many questions. I was scared and confused.

I replied back to confirm that we were going over to Rob’s house to watch a baby pee. Fortunately for everyone, that was not true. However, it was still called a ‘pee party.’ Though the name is a little strange, I really like the concept.

A pee party is a baby celebration party for the man the birth of his child at his house while the woman is still at the hospital. So basically, the guy invites over his friends, family, and neighbors to smoke cigars and drink beer while the woman recovers. Despite this being a little but unfair to the woman, (who actually carried the child for 9 months and delivered him.  Did I mention this party happens while the woman is still in the hospital?) I personally think this is a great idea and would love to see this implemented into American culture as soon as possible.