Our Story

We (Bryan and Dana) met during our freshmen year in Spanish class at Calvin College.  We both transferred and for the next two years, while Dana went to Florida State University and Bryan went to Cornerstone University, we maintained a long distance relationship.  We married in Florida during the summer before our senior year and moved to Michigan together for Bryan’s senior year (smarty-pants Dana was done early). 

Since then, we have lived in Wulfen, Germany for a year, lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for a year, lived in Jacksonville, Florida for 6 years, and are now back living in Germany for Bryan to pursue a PhD in finance at the University of Münster.  We currently live in Borken, Germany and Bryan commutes to Münster for work and school. 

Oscar, our dog, joined our family in October 2006 from the local animal shelter.  He is 7 years old now and has become a permanent fixture of our family.  He is a very quiet and low maintenance dog, which is good, especially when you have a 2 year old running around.

Dylan was born in 2009 and we have been trying to keep up with him ever since.  He is a very active (read: mischievous) boy and our parents find it quite satisfying that we are getting a taste of our own medicine. 

Our family has been very blessed and there is a lot of love shared together.  Although we are far (Dana’s pretty close, but Bryan is really far) from perfect, we love Jesus and try our best to follow God’s Will for our lives.  We are still actively involved with our Jacksonville, Florida based church, Celebration Church, despite living 4,000 miles away.

We invite everyone (friends and strangers alike) to share in our family experiences while we adjust from life in Florida to living in Germany.  Whether you are a new or regular visitor, we would love to hear from you.