Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Storm Day

Neither Bryan nor I had to go into work again today because of the inclement weather. It's been a mostly uneventful day until about an hour ago when the weather people spotted a tornado about 5 miles south of our house and said it was headed our way at about 50 mph! We grabbed Oscar and sat in our storage closet underneath our staircase for about 15 minutes until the weatherman said it has moved north of where we are.

So, we decided to head outside and check out how the rest of the neighborhood was handling all of the rain, which has been pretty much non-stop all day. Here are some pictures. Looks like we picked a good, dry lot when we selected this townhome. I'd be pretty nervous if I lived on one of the lakes. I also heard that Leo Maguire Road (the road that leads to our neighborhood entrance) is flooded too. Good thing Jacksonville has the weekend to recover.

The community pool is to the right, so this is about 1/8th of a mile past our house.
These homes are across the street from our house.

The community pool is to the left of this photo, so this also is just a little bit further in the neighborhood from our house.

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