Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My hand at a Blog

The Top 5 Reasons I have turned into a dork.

I have always taken pride in being labeled a jock or a basketball player while in school. I took refuge in the fact that I did not know where the library was on campus and that I only showed up to class half of the time. Something happened to me when I enrolled in graduate school at UNF this past semester. Now in my final semester, 5 things occurred to me last week that made me know that I have become a dork.

5. I double booked a group meeting on Thursday. I was in the library meeting in person with one group and online via 'virtual chat' with another group. Now that I know that this can be pulled off, I may have to try going on a virtual date with cybergirl69 while eating dinner with Dana. Just kidding, Dear, I love ya!

4. I am working on projects that aren't due until Thanksgiving. Doesn't sound too dorky to you maybe, but this is unprecedented compared to my undergrad track record. I was in denial about this until I mentioned to my international management group consisting of three global MBA students from Germany that I would like to have our project done one month before its due date. Aren't the foreign students supposed to be the pushy ones?

3. I can tell you when the library opens on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, this is not just a useless tidbit of information like my knowledge of 80's Rock and Roll music. I actually need to know this as I am there on Saturday opening the doors at 8:00am. I always wondered what went on in a library on a Saturday morning. I don't need to wonder anymore.

2. I cancelled a workout last Tuesday because ‘I was on a roll doing homework.’ In my defense, I did get a lot of homework done that day, but nothing was urgent or due even that week. Working out is one of the very few things I can do these days to counteract being a dork. Where have my priorities gone?

1. I have a favorite rest room in the library. It is always clean, because it is off the beaten path on the third floor and nobody goes back there. They all use the main restroom on the first floor, which is always dirty and it is always out of paper towels. I feel like George Costanza in that I can tell you all of the good bathrooms on campus.

I should get going. Still need to put tape on my glasses, polish some apples, and remind my professor to assign the class homework.


Dana said...

#6 - you have a blog.

Mom said...

This is what happens when you grow up! If you think you are a dork now, wait until you have kids. :)

Bonnie said...

Wow!! Little Bryan Really has grown up!! I'm glad your're a dork, but it sure was fun watching you be a "jock" at TCS especially playing against Covenant at Grandville HS. :) I'm still cheering/praying for Bryan!! Go Bryan!! Hugs, Mrs.D