Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine's Day for Married Couples of 6 years and Above

I told Dana that we are not going to give each other any Valentine's gifts this year. When asked, she could not tell me what I had given her in any previous Valentine's Day, which gave me good reason (at least in my mind) not to waste any money on a gift.

Instead, what started out as a trip to the library turned out to be a pretty, pretty, pretty good Valentine's Day (my apologies for the Larry David reference.)

We stopped off for some Dunkin Donuts before we made it to the library. This was DD trip number one, as we made another trip shortly after the library. With a pregnant wife in the second trimester, I will resist making any jokes about our, not one, but two trips, to DD within a 90 minute window. But I will give a quote:

"Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a dozen donuts, so we can have some for later tonight? - Dana Foltice 5 1/2 months pregnant

We went down to Historic St. Augustine from there and hit up a Flagler College women's basketball game in the afternoon, stopped off and got a bite to eat between games and watched the Men's game.

My first proud moment as a father came when Dana reported that baby boy Foltice was kicking like crazy the entire time for both games. Not that he will be forced to play basketball, but it may be his only toy that we give him;) Just kidding, there will be a baseball in there as well.

My second proud moment was when Dana told me that she loved watching basketball live, even if it was Valentine's Day. I have a keeper!

We grabbed a bite to eat and hit up a Cafe Eleven on St Augustine Beach in the evening. Adrian, we can say now that we've been there, but if you are reading this, why does everyone who works there look like they could be in your family? It was eerie.

We got home by ten, which is important because we must watch the SNL rerun on the E! Channel. (I am not ashamed to know that there is an exclamation point after the E)

And by the way, Dana received a pedi and mani gift certificate, but it was given to her on Feb. 13 so the expectation level stays low for next year.

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Jason and Lindsey said...

We just love you guys so much! Check us out for some of Grayson's adventures, pretty soon you will be blogging away about your little guy!

Lindsey and Jason