Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bryan's Thoughts about Night Feedings

A nightly topic of discussion for Dana and I is about what shift to take for the nighttime feedings. I have tried to weigh out the pros and cons of either taking the 1am or 4am feeding.

The 1 am Feeding - Jimmy Fallon is on TV for the 1am feeding. His monologue and interviews are so awkward that I am actually kind of rooting for him to improve and come into his own. “So (fill in the blank with an old SNL cast member name)..hehe, I hear you, hehe, are in a new movie, hehe.” Just typing that makes me tempted to grab some of Dana’s meds. If Dylan is not tired after Jimmy Fallon, we run into Last Call with Carson Daly. Carson Daly makes Jimmy Fallon look like Bob Hope. It is appropriately named, though. The only people who are watching have come home from the bar and are blackout drunk. On a rare occasion, you luck out and something good is on. Last week, ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ was on the Bravo Channel. This can have negative consequences the next day if you convince yourself to stay up. I choose to sleep. My face is too pretty not to get sufficient beauty sleep.

The 4 am Feeding - This one is not too bad for me. During the week, I get Asia stock market coverage from CNBC or SportsCenter. Dana is not so lucky. She doesn’t even turn the TV during this shift. She may now after I have found the Cosby Show on FOX from 4-5am.
Based off of solely the TV, I would say the 4am feeding takes the cake. However, Dylan is another factor in this decision. He is wide awake during the 4am feeding. He is usually quicker to fall asleep for the 1am, making it a quicker shift and shorter time to be awake. The 4am shift can go a couple of hours if he doesn’t settle down.

Hopefully, this discussion can end in the next weeks as Dylan will be sleeping through the night.

Here are some recent photos of Dylan. Dana has been playing with photo editing software.

On the Monkey Gym - his favorite spot.

Playing on the floor, practicing rolling over. He's asking for a pinky promise.

This is as close as Oscar will get to Dylan. He ran away immediately after this photo was taken.

Making faces in the Monkey Gym mirror. So cute!

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