Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rock and Roll Weekend Part 1

Rock and roll weekend is right around the corner. I have been looking forward to it for most of the summer. I have also been building up "love equity" all summer to be able to leave Dana at home with Dylan by herself for a day and a half. Dana realizes now that those offers for back tickles and unsolicited loads of laundry did not come without a price.

Here is the itinerary for this weekend.


  • 1pm- Leave for Tampa

  • 5pm- Arrive in Tampa

  • 8pm- Cheap Trick, Poison, and Def Leppard concert

This is not a typo, it’s actually the concert lineup. And yes, I am only 28 years old, not 42, like the concert lineup would suggest. This will be the first time seeing Cheap Trick. Not looking forward to this set, really. If we get caught in traffic or are tailgating out in the parking lot, I will not be disappointed. I have a feeling that my neighbor, Lane, will have us there in time. He has mentioned his excitement to see Cheap Trick more than once.

I am hesitant to mention this in a public forum, but this will be my 5th time seeing Poison and my 6th time seeing Def Leppard. Boy, that looks really ridiculous in writing. Both shows are always a good time, though.


  • 10am- We will spend the night in Tampa and travel back up to Saint Augustine.

  • 2 pm Saturday afternoon will be a good time to regain some of the aforementioned "love equity" back. The PGA Championship will also be on, so hopefully I can multi-task. It won’t last for long because we will be back out the door for another concert.

  • 6 pm St. Augustine- Pop Evil, Whitesnake, and Judas Priest concert

I don’t know anything about Pop Evil, except that they are from Grand Rapids. I think I saw them once in college at The Intersection (the old location for you Grand Rapids natives) when they were a Rage Against the Machine cover band. I really should remember this; I didn’t party during my college years.

Whitesnake is the real reason why we are going. I have only seen them once about 7 years ago, and have wanted to see them again ever since.

Judas Priest is a concert that I feel I just need to see once. I haven’t seen them yet live, so why not this weekend? I just read that they are going to play all songs from their British Steel album in celebration of it’s 30th Anniversary. I guess that’s cool. I don’t really care. Maybe I’ll have a better attitude about him/them after I see the show.

Not to get too far ahead of myself, but Stryper is coming to Jacksonville on my birthday in October. I am as giddy as a 40 year lady at a Whitesnake concert. I will bring you update/highlights next week.

Note from Dana: Here is a photo of what Bryan plans to wear to the concerts. Yes, that is a cut-off Def Leppard shirt. Yes, those are leather pants (which Bryan bought on E-bay just for this occasion). And, yes, those are Converse All-Star shoes. This outfit is one of the reasons why I am not going to the concerts with him. There is not enough "love equity" that can atone for those pants. I also think I should mention that it is August and we live in Florida, which means that it is in the mid-90s and extremely humid every day. Both concerts are at outdoor amphitheaters, which means those leather pants are going to get awfully tight, sweaty and stinky by the end of the weekend. Bryan better pray it doesn't rain or those puppies aren't coming off.


pink coffee photoart said...

stop it. those pants are killing me. :) but i have to admit, they're perfect for the occassion! somebody better take a picture!!!

Robyn said...

I'm a little embarrassed (for you) after reading this post Bryan. :) I'm going to pretend that you aren't purposefully wearing black leather pants outside of a halloween costume! I need to see at least one photo of this costume. Are you also going to be painting your fingernails black and spiking your hair?