Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

2010 is in full swing and our calendars are quickly filling up. Dana and I are both busy with work, Dylan, and church. In fact, work for me is my down time. Last week, when I was sick, I was told to go home to rest as I looked terrible. I said that if I go home, Dylan is there and I will have to chase him around all afternoon and that it would be more restful to sit at my work computer.

This semester of Financial Peace University class has started well. We enjoy spending time helping other families to get out of debt. Dana is leading the class tonight, which is exciting. She is looking forward to offering her ‘free spirit’ point of view. I am admittedly a huge nerd when it comes to finances, (just go to our personal finance blog…there’s not an Excel spreadsheet I can’t make) so Dana will be able to provide a great change of pace for the group.

Speaking of church, I have been asked to help provide a live online feed for our church campus on Sunday morning. Before our church eliminated its Saturday night service, we were using a DVD copy of the sermon on Sunday morning from that service. Now, the service at the main campus starts at 9:30am, while our campus starts at 10:30am.

To make a long story short, I record the live streaming sermon video online from 10:00-10:30 at home, download that to a portable hard drive, and drive it to the campus to be displayed at 10:58. Yesterday was our first live run and I had it in the door at 10:53. It was queued up and playing live at 10:58am. It makes for an exciting Sunday morning. I have to laugh that 200-300 people each week is depending on our Dell laptop for their weekly sermon. (Note: the campus is at a high school, which has terrible internet access. Plus, we would rather not use the prior week’s message if at all possible.)

The work week is typically a blur. I have been cc’ing and forwarding emails to Dana in case I forget to tell her something important or if I don’t see her in time. During the week, Dylan goes to bed around 8pm, and that is usually the first time I am able to ask Dana how her day was. Normally, this is done while we are making a late dinner.

I get to see Dylan in the morning for about 20-30 minutes as I am in charge of morning duty (literally and figuratively.) Dana and I split time in the evening from 6pm to his bedtime. We negotiate who walks the dog in the evening. That usually goes like this:

Bryan: Hey dear, do you think you can take care of Oscar? (We don’t ever say ‘walk’ because Oscar knows that word.)

Dana: I am still in my work clothes, can you do it?

Bryan (on a nice day): I will if you feed Dylan and put the dishes away.

Bryan (on a rainy day): If you do it, I will feed Dylan and put the dishes away.

Dana: Fine.

Our weekends have been our time to rejuvenate and spend quality time as a family. This is also our time to get caught up with groceries, laundry, and if we’re ambitious, cleaning. Dana and I have been going on a date 1-2 times a month recently. This has been our best idea ever. We have the best nanny, who doesn’t mind the overtime money on the weekend. There is usually never a shortage of fresh topics to discuss. In addition to the dates, we have been faithfully doing devotions together every Wednesday and Sunday night. This is an extremely important and historically neglected aspect that is essential to keeping us on the same page. We have always done personal devotions, but have never consistently done devotions together. I only wish we started doing this earlier.

Back to work. Hopefully we will find time to get this posted relatively soon.

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