Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Commute II– The Sequel

I have learned three important things after writing about the famous Commute from Munster a few weeks ago.  Here they are in no particular order. 

#1. We now have more than two readers of the blog.  In fact, I think it’s grown to 4 or 5 readers.  That’s 100%-150% growth.  If we can get it to 8-9 readers, we may get a sponsor for the blog.  I can see it now; “ presents the Foltice Blog.” 

#2. The bad thing about having 4-5 readers is that I no longer have any good stories to share in person.  That means instead of sharing an interesting story with a friend, the conversation usually goes,

Someone: “I read your blog post on (fill in the story).  That sounds crazy.”
Me: “Um, yup.  It was.”
(Long Silence)
Someone: “Uh, Okay.  See you later.”

It’s like the Seinfeld episode where Kramer sells his stories to J. Peterman for his biography.  (I apologize to the 2 German readers who won’t understand this Seinfeld example.  Here’s a link to a part of this episode.)  It’s like I have sold my good stories to the blog and now they belong to the blog and no longer to me. 
Maybe I need to omit some details of each story so I can say, “But what I didn’t say in the post was (fill in a couple of really interesting points.)”  It would be like a weird premium access to the blog (and we’re back down to 2 readers.)  

Sold his stories to J Peterman; just like we've sold our stories to the blog. 

#3. I am very well taken care of here.  Since the post, I have received a cell phone from the basketball team and all of the keys required to access the University Business Building 24/7 so an episode that like won't happen again.  

Now that I am more prepared, the Commute II Sequel will be even more boring than the first.  However, James Franco will still be playing the role of me in the sequel. 

Playing Bryan Foltice in The Commute movie series.

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