Monday, March 26, 2012

Borken Easter Market / Farmer's Market

Yes, yes, I know - it's been a long time since I last posted anything here and I'm not doing my duty of keeping all 2 of our readers informed on what's going on. Relax. Until about 10 days ago, it was still cold and rainy and we avoided doing anything at all because it was just too terrible to go outside. Then finally, the sun made its first appearance since last fall and started to thaw us out and we can finally go outside again. I think me, Dylan and Oscar all have had major cabin fever. Lucky for us, the past 10 days have been pretty consistently sunny and about 60-65 degrees (15-17 Celcius).

This past weekend was Borken's annual Easter Market / Farmer's Market. It's one of the 3 Sunday's a year where the retail shops are allowed to be open, so the open market plus the nice weather made for a pretty packed town square. Here are some pics:

Dylan's really into wearing his sunglasses these days.  He probably didn't understand the point of them until recently when the sun finally came out from hibernating behind thick clouds all winter.

There were more flowers for sale at the Easter market than anything else. 

One whole street was full of play houses, slides and cool things for kid to do.  

You could watch a blacksmith demonstration, although the only thing he would make were little "Good Luck Horseshoes."  It seems like he goes through a lot of work to sell little €3 trinkets.

Other things for sale were monstrous handmade benches, wooden shoes and handmade wicker baskets of all sizes.

An of course, where else could you buy your sheepskin-lined children's booties,  animal pelts and rugs?

No German market is complete without a massive bratwurst grill.

The highlight of Dylan's day was getting to drive the Santa Fe Express choo-choo-train.  When he got off he said "Wow, Mommy - that was fuuuuuuun!"

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