Thursday, June 7, 2012

Munich Flashback

I realized that Bryan didn't post a ton of photos from our trip to Munich a few weeks ago, so here are a few more in case you were wondering what else we did while we were there.

We sought refuge from our grouchy son in the English Garden, one of the few places he was content to hang out in (probably because we bought him massive pretzels)

This is at the start of a walking tour that we did, but only I completed.  Bryan and Dylan pealed off after about 20 minutes because Dylan was being disruptive.  

We thought The Champions League Festival would be fun for D, but the whole time we were there he refused to get out of his stroller and kept saying "It's time to go."  

Things turned around by Thursday when Dylan was in a better mood.  He was pretty excited to climb around the lions at Odeonsplatz. 

Really cool watching the surfers in the Icar.

Dylan insisted on sliding down this hill with Bryan a few times.  It took Bryan a while to get up after this last trip down.

Family photo in the English Garden.

We met up with our friends Thomas and Ginny for an afternoon.  So good to reconnect with our old Jacksonville neighbors!

I think the highlight of the trip for Dylan was getting to watch Cars2 on repeat on the train rides to and from Munich.  Every time he sees an ICE train he says "I get to watch movies on that train."

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