Sunday, January 13, 2013

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

One of my favorite things to do over Christmas vacation was play golf on the golf course that is directly behind Oma and Papa’s house.  Their house backs up to a 500-yard par 5 hole on a private golf course.  Given the fact that it costs about $100 to play 18 holes on this golf course, I figured I could get arrested and post bail for roughly the same amount.  Over the past three years, I have played more than enough holes to get my money’s worth.  This year we bought Dylan some starter golf clubs for Christmas.  Here is a short video of us on the links:

Speaking of videos, Brady had been watching his 9-month-old cousin start to walk and crawl around all week while on Christmas break.  Here is a short video of his response to all of the action (with the help of his Oma). 

This past week, we’ve had a really hard time adjusting to the jet lag since coming back to Germany.  Nevertheless, we had plenty of fun around the house.  Here is a funny picture of Dylan’s train set (Mommy helped configure this).  It ended up looking like something that was not intended. Yes, we are that immature to think this was hilarious. 

Finally, here is a video of Dylan playing guitar to our favorite song of the week by our friends AG Silver (seriously, I grew up with three of the band members). Number two is Gangnam Style by Psy and Number Three on the Foltice Family song charts is ‘Take it All’ by Hillsong United (previously at number one for most of 2012).   Although in Dylan's version of 'Take It All' he sings "Take, take, take it off, Jesus!" Here is a one minute video of Dylan “Jamming” to AG Silvers new video –When the Sun Goes Down.  

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