Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where has Dana been?

I have been so absent from posting to this blog, we should probably change the name to "The Bryan Foltice Blog" instead of "The Foltice Family Blog."  I just checked and my last post was published on August 8, which means it's been a full 9 months since I've contributed anything but a few photo captions to this.  Sorry, but it's really busy having two kids.

My typical day is just a whirlwind of tasks and schedules and a whole bunch of things that have to be done by a specific time that leaves me with very small increments of downtime (like 15 minutes here, or  20 minutes there), which I usually spend zoning out to Dear Prudence columns, scrolling through Facebook, or if Dylan's being particularly pesty that day, binge eating chocolate and cookies in the corner of the kitchen.

So since Bryan has kept you up to date about what he's up to, here is a brief update about me and the boys.

Dana - My blood clot leg issue is getting better.  I'm no longer taking medication and in a few weeks I go back to the University Hospital for more tests to make sure everything is officially all better.

Dylan - Dylan loves his Kindergarten and is basically kind of bummed on the weekends when Kindergarten is closed.  He speaks pretty fluent German at school and can switch the languages on and off.  He tells me things like "We say entschuldigung at school but we say excuse me at home." I'm embarrassed to say that he sometimes corrects me when I say something wrong in German and one time he actually asked me to use English because he couldn't understand what I was saying to him in German.  He'll be 4 in June, by the way.  That's one smart cookie.

Brady - Brady is a huge, fat baby.  He's sweet and snuggly and always happy, but he's a beast.  He weighs 21 pounds (9.5 kilos) at 7 months old.  I have super ripped back muscles from carrying him around all the time.  We live on the 5th floor of our apartment building and there is no elevator, so I hike up and down an average of 20 flights of stairs every day usually either carrying a squirmy Brady or his weight-equivalent in groceries each trip.

I have no idea what he's looking at, but this picture always makes me laugh.

Dylan after hunting eggs on Easter morning.

Brady loves his Daddy.

Dylan goofing around, as usual.

Brady hates bibs.

Yup.  Oscar is still hanging around.  He'll be 10 years old this fall. 

At least one of our kids will wear a hat.

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