Monday, March 9, 2009

Growing Belly = Growing Appetite

During the past couple of weeks we have seen pretty dramatic growth in my belly. I'm desperate for more stretchy pants and a wider variety of things to wear, but I can't bear to spend a ton of money on clothes that won't fit in a few months. Bryan is trying to keep up with my eating schedule, which is basically non-stop. He came downstairs the other day and caught me eating Cool Whip directly from the tub in front of the fridge. He said that I gave him the same guilty look that Oscar gives us when we catch him eating a magazine or chewing on socks. I just can't help it!

Week 22

Week 23. I retired the yellow shirt after I saw this picture ... too tight.

Week 24. Compare this to Week 20 - BIG difference!

Week 25. As I get bigger, this dress keeps getting shorter and shorter.


Jason and Lindsey said...

Being pregnant is so much fun, and you are just too cute! I remember when the dresses just kept getting shorter and the shirts tighter, haha! Take it all in, love you guys!


Anonymous said...

dana, you are about the most adorable preggers person ever ever---why am i not suprised!

jmillertc said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the growing belly. I have a couple of my own. It is scary how big that belly can get. Especially just weeks before delivery. I remember wondering if I would ever get my stomach back.

I was thinking since you have a community of friends here, maybe you should do a name that baby blog. You dont have to use our suggestions, but it could be fun and it might be nice to have some backups. With our first son we went into the hospital with the top 3 names picked and then named him something totally different. With the 2nd son, he was named before he was born.