Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Final Four Baby!

This is the time of the year when we backslide from going to church on Saturday night. We've noticed that church attendance for the 'Super Saturday' night service is pretty sparse during the college football season. Even our head pastor is 'out of town' nearly every LSU night game. Well, college basketball for us northerners is the same as college football for most southerners.

So, needless to say, I am pretty happy about Michigan State's run to the Final Four. And, needless to say, we will be skipping church this week Saturday night (but will go Sunday morning.) Goran Suton used to be my curse word; not after last weekend.

Foltice bracket update:
Bryan 93 pts (including 15 out of 16 Sweet Sixteen teams)
Dana 79 pts

However, Dana can win the whole thing with a UCONN win over Michigan St. (16 points)

Sadly for me, we set the point totals beforehand. Otherwise, I could make the final games worth 5 or 6 points each and clinch the win (a tactic used before until Dana caught on.)

My bracket was nearly identical to Barack Obama's, which gave me a great excuse to use my terrible Barack impression a couple of times. "I like UNC... in the final... over Louisville."

When the tourney is over, we will have two-three weeks of rest until NHL and NBA playoffs. Maybe Barack will grow a 'playoffs beard' with me this year.

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