Friday, April 24, 2009

Living Life Before the Baby

Dana’s baby bump is getting bigger. Baby Foltice is very active. There is not much room in there and Dana feels stretched out. We can feel the hard spot on Dana’s stomach, but do not know if it’s his butt or his head. Just like his Papa.

Week 30 (above)
Week 31 (right)

We are really trying to enjoy life before the baby comes and changes things (for the better, of course.) Speaking of which, everybody we talk to about having a new born (except for Jason and Lindsey, who are nothing but positive) goes on and on about the trials and hardships of having a child, and at the end of all of the harrowing tales say, “but it’s all worth it.” Maybe we will know what that means when it happens to us.

Here are some highlights of a typical week before the baby:

Monday night- Deutsche Bank basketball league. I sucked so bad in our first game. To top it off, I hurt my foot. I have iced it down every night this week. The only good news is that now I don’t have to read about how poorly I played the next day in the newspaper.

Wednesday night- Trivia night. We took 1st place last week for the first time in a while. I told the group that we will need to wear the same clothes, drink the same drink, and eat the exact same food the next time. They laughed. I wasn’t joking.

Friday night- usually watch a movie and go to bed early (either during or sometime after the Soup at 10…chicks, man.)

The movie didn’t work out last week after Dana hi-jacked our Netflix queue. I was mortified to see Twilight in our mailbox and boycotted watching it all of last weekend. We are back on track this week watching Season 1 of the Flight of the Conchords.

Hockey playoffs are in full swing. If you are a sucker for ridicule, try calling some bar & grills in the Jacksonville area asking if they are going to show tonight’s hockey playoff game. They will tell you that unless it has something to do with college football or NASCAR, it will not be on.

You might be in the south when you find Labatt’s Blue in the Exotic Imported Beer section.

I hope all three of you who read this have a great weekend.

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pink coffee photoart said...

dana, you look adorable! i had no idea you were so far along. i'm excited for you guys. :)