Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting Ready for Baby Foltice!

With Baby Foltice on his way, we have been spending our spare time preparing for his arrival. Last weekend, that entailed a trip to Jo-Ann's (the fabric store) to buy stuff for his room. We went there Saturday night after church. Lets recap our Saturday night; church and Jo-Ann's. I spent the rest of the weekend trying to figure what lie I will say if someone were to ask me, 'what did you do this past weekend?'

Michigan State made a great run to the National Championship only to get humiliated by North Carolina. I did beat Dana in the overall bracket (legitimately) for the first time in four years. Here are the before and after pics from last Monday night (National Championship night.)

And after...

Special thanks to Oscar who posed in a Tarheeled colored shirt and played dead while I stepped on him.

Does anyone have ideas for pictures on the wall of the baby's bedroom? So far, we have framed pictures of my college basketball days in the room (I wish that were a joke.) I wanted posters of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

Have a great weekend and we'll provide a new update soon.


Mindy said...

vintage jerseys (eBay)?, sports illustrated covers matted and framed....i know you can get them from SI or perhaps you have a collection of your own... if you're going with the sports theme.

Bryan and Dana said...

I love the idea, Mindy! I'm passing this on to Dana.