Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trip to Michigan Part I - Chesaning Here We Come

Two weeks after starting my new job as SAHM, we took off for a 10 day trip to visit family and friends in Michigan.  We rented a car (gasp!) and drove the 18-hour trip straight through.   Dylan was a champion traveller and - thanks to Baby Einstein and in-car DVD players - we barely heard a peep from him the entire time.  (Note: since returning, he cries whenever we put a Baby Einstein on.  I think he is over it. We feel his pain.)

Our first stop was Chesaning, MI where some of my family lives.  Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathy graciously hosted us and all of the accessories that come with travelling with a 1 yr. old.  We stormed their house much like a road crew storms an arena on the day of the show.  We joked all week that we were Dylan's roadies whenever we invaded a house.  We had our set up and pack up process down to a science by the end of the week.

I always knew Uncle Bob was very handy, but he turned out to be a wealth of information for some around-the-house issues we were having, as well as some fun facts.  Here are the top three:
  1. After hearing us complain that Dylan's kiddie pool is really hard to drain, he explained to us how siphoning works.  Actually, he explained to us three or four times how it works because Bryan didn't believe him that you can trick the water into travelling up before going down.  We will probably try it out this weekend since rain water has filled up the pool.
  2. Both of our cars have air-conditioning issues, a total drag since it is July and we live in Florida.  Uncle Bob showed us how to add Freon to our vehicles.  Bryan has gone three summers without AC in his car and has refused to even get it checked out to see what is wrong.  He's going to be really upset if all it needed was some Freon.
  3. Uncle Bob showed us that you can squish lightning bugs on your skin and then you glow in the dark just like they do.  A little gross, but way cool.

Dylan and I on the swing at Bob and Cathy's.
Dylan trying to wiggle out of Aunt Cathy's arms. 
Dylan couldn't get enough of Michelle.  He parked himself by her all evening.
Uncle Bob trying to squish lightning bugs on Dylan.
Bryan was very impressed that it was light out so late.  We had to look at a US map to see how much farther West Michigan is than Florida - turns out, quite a bit.  It was so light out at 9:30 p.m. that Bryan could track his hit golf balls into the woods. 

Stay tuned for Part II - The Invasion of the Keeler House.

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