Monday, August 2, 2010

Trip to Michigan Part II - The Invasion of the Keeler House

After departing Chesaning after two restful days, we headed over to Grand Rapids to visit the rest of the family.  The Keeler Family graciously offered us their house to stay at while they were on vacation, so we were really able to take over the house with Dylan's stuff.  Dylan needed a play area so we took the liberty of pushing the Keeler's family room furniture to the walls to create some space.  I was so embarrassed when they stopped in to pick up something in the middle of the week and found their family room rearranged and in complete disarray with Dylan's toys. 

It will be easier to describe the rest of the week through photos, so here it goes.
Dylan met his cousin Johnny for the first time for a play date.  Here they are commenting on each other's baseball shirts.
We went out to dinner with the Foltice - Foster group.  All the kiddies were well-behaved and Dylan even made it through without screaming until the very end when he needed a diaper change.  He screams bloody-murder whenever we need to change him in a public restroom.
Four generations of Foltice men got together and we captured this precious photo.  Even though Dylan doesn't look like me in his baby pictures, there is still a good chance that this is what he will look like at the ages of 29, 63, and 91.  Dylan, this is your future. 
At Grandma and Grandpa Mohr's, Bryan took Dylan out on the Jet Ski.  He was not happy at all about the super-sized life jacket we made him wear and cried the whole time.  This is Dylan's 'I am on the verge of freaking out'' look. 
It was a very short ride but at least we got a good photo from it.  You could hear Dylan's horrific shrieks a mile down the river. 
Good times at Grandma and Grandpa's.  Yes, this is the same black shirt Bryan was wearing in previous pictures.  He didn't change his shirt all week.  Bryan almost hit a golf ball across the Thornapple River, or at least he was convinced that he came close.  We will let him continue to believe that. 
Just the three of us went to Holland Beach and to Captain Sundae's for some ice cream.  Dylan has unhinged his jaw to get as much ice cream in his mouth as possible.
All full from lots of ice cream and sprinkles.  Bryan finally changed his shirt.   All of these years later and we still perform a 'drive by honking' every time we pass.   
After Captain Sundae's we went to Amy's house for a playdate with Wade.  Dylan and Wade had fun together and both were good boys and went to bed around 7:30 so the adults could hang out and Bryan could lose numerous games of HORSE to Amy and Pip on Amy's basketball court. 
When we woke Dylan up at 2 a.m. to go back to the Keeler's house, we realized we put his crib too close to the desk drawer.  He had quietly pulled lots of files out and trashed the office in protest of being put to bed.  He even slept on top of a bunch of papers.  On a brighter note, the Popielarz's taxes are done this year.
Dylan had a few more play dates with the Foster kids.  We're so glad he got to spend time with his cousins! 
Family photo of Bryan, Dylan and Bryan's parents (and little Johnny sidled up at the last second to get in the photo too)
We wrapped up the week at Barlow Lake with the Scott relatives.  I guess I was done taking photos because this one of Dylan and Maggie examining the Washers game is the only one I took.  The lack of photos must mean I was just off having fun.  By the way, if you ever want to easily beat Bryan in a game and see him get mad, play washers.  We got to see the classic Bryan 'I am really pissed off but at a family gathering so I can't show it' face this evening.  Classic.
On Saturday, we put the Keeler's house back together and made our 19 hour journey back home. 

Thank you everyone who hosted us, hung out with us, took us out to eat and made time to see us while we were in town.  It was so awesome to see everyone!

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