Monday, August 16, 2010

Picture Update!

We haven't done a picture update of Dylan in a while and there is some catching up to do.
Dylan loves the swingset. This was the only day in July where the seat wasn't scalding hot.

Dylan thinks it is cute when he wears Bryan's hats.  We agree.

Dylan is getting to eat all sorts of new things.  I am trying to feed him a cube of mozzarella cheese and he is rejecting it by sticking his tongue out and pointing to his mouth.  He does the same thing with broccoli and anything else that is green.
Dylan likes to help fold the laundry by getting in the basket and throwing all the clothes out.
Yes, he is wearing my sports-bra on his head.
Extreme close-up!
We went to the beach to expend some energy.  He was afraid of the waves at first,
but by the time we left he thought they were funny.
Running into the ocean...
He was very tired on our way home from the beach.  I forgot
to pack him a dry outfit, but at least he was wearing a dry diaper. 

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