Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big News - You're Going to Want to Read This

We have big news! (No, we are not expecting another baby.)

Bryan has decided to pursue a PhD in Finance at the University of Munster in Munster, Germany! In addition, a nearby basketball team in Borken, Germany has picked up Bryan to play for the upcoming season (and hopefully future seasons). We are so thrilled and excited to begin a new journey. Moving back to Germany, Bryan getting a PhD, and playing basketball again have been big issues on our hearts that we’ve been praying about during these past 2-3 years and we are so thankful for the opportunity to move our little family (Oscar included) to Deutschland.

Munster, Germany
We have been busy selling a lot of our belongings and sorting through our stuff in order to depart. Since moving back to Germany has been on our hearts for several years, we’ve been pretty strategic to not purchase anything that can’t be replaced – most of it is just “stuff” and that makes selling it much easier. Those few items that truly can’t be replaced, we will keep in storage (thanks Mom and Dad!), but mostly we’re bringing our clothes, Dylan’s toys and Oscar with us – everything else must go.

To those of you who we just saw in Michigan in July – sorry for not saying anything. We really wanted to tell everyone, but all of the details weren’t final and we didn’t want to risk saying something then having it fall through.
Borken, Germany

We’ll be renting out our home in St. Augustine and on September 2 Dylan and I will take the train up to D.C. to spend a week with my parents. Bryan and Oscar will wrap things up here in FL (cleaning the carpets, selling everything else, bringing what’s left to Goodwill, etc.) and drive up to D.C. a few days later in the van (yes, that same van that has no A/C or working windows … good thing they’ll probably drive at night). We then leave for Germany on Thursday, September 9!

We will need lots and lots of prayer to make it through the 8-hour flight with a 1-year-old on our laps and a dog in the cargo area. My blood pressure rises just thinking about it. To everyone else on our flight – sorry in advance.

The nature of our blog is going to change a little, but we think it will be much more interesting to write about our adventures in Europe than the adventures of a stay-at-home-mom. The pictures will probably be more interesting too.

There’s probably a lot of questions unanswered, so please send them to us and we will do our best to follow up or post responses in the comments section of the blog.
The purple bubble is Borken and the pink bubble is Munster.

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Sebastian said...

We're excited and glad to welcome you and your family! Hopefully the flight isn't as stressful as expected. ;)

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