Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photo Tour of our Flat and Town by Dana

Sorry it's taken so long to get these photos up - we know this is what you've all been waiting for. Here are some pictures of our flat and a few from around town.  A few of these are makeshift panorama's, so bear with us.
Here are Bryan and Dylan outside our building.  We live on the third floor, which is extremely confusing for Oscar.  Every door we pass on our way up the stairs, Oscar stops at thinking it is our house.
This is the view of our living room area from the front door. I really like the modern furniture. 

This is a view of the kitchen and looking back into the living area.  Straight ahead is our refrigerator, which is slightly smaller than our fridge in the US.  It makes for more frequent trips to the grocery store, which is OK becasue it's only a couple of blocks away. 
We also have a small dishwasher, which is disguised as a cabinet. 
I haven't quite figured out the oven yet - I still have trouble converting the Celsius degrees on the oven to Fahrenheit - I need to make a cheat sheet.  On the far left next to the blue chair there is a small freezer, and just to the right of that under the red table cloth is another small fridge. 

This is our bedroom.  Directly to the right and left (not in view in this photo) are some really nice closets and cabinets.

This is Dylan's room, which was formerly used as an office.  He has one wall that has floor to ceiling windows and a great view of the fire station.  Some days we can see the firemen smoking on the roof - how ironic.  We've purchase some curtains for this office and tried to hang them from a rail system that is above the windows. It looked great for about 5 minutes, then the entire rail system including the curtains came crashing to the ground.  Someone is coming here this week to help us fix it.  Curtains are very important because the sun shines brightly in here in the morning, causing Dylan to wake up super early.

Here is a picture of Dylan's room facing the other direction.  Notice the drying rack - we have two large drying racks because although we have a washing machine in the basement, we do not have a dryer.  It takes some getting used to, but it really isn't that bad. 
This is our bathroom.  Directly to the left (not in view) is the shower, so we don't have to take baths only in the giant tub.

Here are Dylan and Oscar playing in the park near our house. It is a large, beautiful park with lots of open space for the boys to run around in. 

The park has lots of walking and bike paths and leads from the Sporthalle (where Bryan's games are played) to the town center.

Here is Dylan in the town center.  This is a large open area for pedestrians surrounded by shops and restaurants.  This is just a  short walk from our house.

We were walking back towards home from the town center.  This is what a typical street looks like in the "marketplatz" (market place). 

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Jody said...

It looks like a very cool place and that you are adjusting.
I enjoy the blog and photos, so keep them coming. I am thinking about you guys.