Friday, April 1, 2011

Dylan's New Obsession

A few days ago I successfully cured Dylan's helmet obsession by accidentally pinching his chin in the clasp while I put it on. Now the helmet pendulum has swayed the other way and he fights me when I try to put it on him. He has now moved onto his next obsession - tractors!

This tractor phase, like the helmet one, is both cute and annoying at the same time. We have a book from the library that has some tractor pictures in it and he follows me around with it whining "Tractor! Tractor! Tractor!" then jumps up and down and giggles when I flip directly to the page with the big tractor on it.

A couple of days ago I needed to start cooking dinner and that usually means that Dylan will follow me into the kitchen and wedge himself between me and the counter and demand that I pick him up otherwise he will throw a tantrum (dinner time is the time of day where he gets the most timeouts for bad behavior).

Instead, I decided to try to avoid a tantrum by pulling up some YouTube videos of tractors for him to watch while I was in the kitchen. I was shocked that there are hundreds of tractor videos - some longer than 10 minutes - and they each had millions of views!

I started to get a little suspicious that these were really porn videos masked by 1-2 minutes of tractor shots at the beginning, because of the insane amount of views for each tractor video plus some of the video descriptions.  Here is an example of one of the cleaner ones:
  • Tractors Working EXTREMELY HARD! (Yes, the words were in all caps)
The double entendre names (or do I just have a dirty mind?), plus the 1.5 million views were too much for me to be able to walk away and let Dylan watch these by himself while I made dinner, so I had to screen every one in case I needed to quickly shut it down. Thankfully, not a single tractor video contained any hidden porn.

Lesson learned: There are at least 1.5 million other moms who have their kids watch tractor videos while they get something done during the day.
We were in Essen for an afternoon and Dylan spotted the only tractor in the city down a side street.

I helped him up onto the big wheel.

This is his "proud" face.

Here is Dylan stealing another kid's tractor toy at the park.


Anonymous said...

Both Tyler and Carter went through a construction equipment phase that lasts a couple years. You will learn all the names of each piece of construction equipment and have to stop at as many of them as possible. Carter used to yell out the names of each in the car as we drove by. He had a problem with the "tr" sound and it was pronounced "f". So imagine him yelling, big "tr/f"uck or dump "tr/f"uck. Just another cute boy phase.

Dana said...

Can't wait for the accidental profanities! Haha! Dylan can't make a "tr" sound very well yet either, but he thankfully replaces it with a "g" instead of an "f" - so it's "guck" instead of "truck."