Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adventures In Borken - Part 3 - Pfand Thief

 I found all sorts of cans on our Sunday walk around town.  Evidently, there were some good outdoor parties around town.  Yesterday, I was so excited to turn the cans in to our local grocery store.  Unfortunately, the metal cans would not correctly scan in the machine.   So, I took these 12 cans (3 euros worth) to our other grocery store that is checked by a human.  About halfway through, the store clerk checked the bar code and somehow knew that these were not legitimate cans.  

Upon further investigation, I had found all cans that came from the Netherlands (that doesn’t charge pfand) and tried to get money for these cans.  I was really embarrassed that I had tried to get money for smuggled cans.  What was even worse was that I couldn’t properly explain what had happened to clear my name. 

I started by explaining to the store clerk that I found all of the cans in the park, but quickly learned that this explanation was not making me look better, so I just said, ‘Sorry’ and got out of there as quickly as possible. 

In Germany, a daily trip to the local grocery store is quite common, so it’s not like I can avoid seeing the grocery store clerks.   Moving forward, Dana is going to be doing all grocery store shopping until they take down my photo that says, ‘Do not take pfand from this man.’

Do not Accept Pfand from These Guys!


Anonymous said...


nice blog.

Here is a pic of the official Pfand logo.


If this is on the can or bottle
the money is yours.

Greetings from Nürnberg

Bryan said...

Thanks Ian. This will hopefully keep me from getting arrested next time I try to send in illegal pfand.