Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sergeant Peabody Gets “Blog-Posted”

Sergeant Peabody reporting for duty!

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to give you an update now that we are back from Karneval in Cologne.  That will be a whole separate post.  In the meantime, here is a story from our time with Dana’s sister Robyn and her husband Dan, our second set of guests this year. 
Saturday was scheduled to be a pretty quiet day with us making the trip over the Netherlands border to Wintersvijk.  (Click here for our previous Wintersvijk post.)  Around noon, we made the 19 km (11.4 miles) trip to Winterswijk from Borken. 

Aware of the Europe bathroom situation (they usually cost 50-cents and they are not very plentiful), we all went to the bathroom immediately before leaving.   Robyn has been given a notorious car trip nickname of Sergeant Peabody for her frequent rest stop requests, so we made sure she was all set before leaving.  

As we drove through a city called Oeding before the Netherlands border (9 km/ 5.4 miles from Winterswijk) and 8 minutes into the 20 minute trip, Robyn called from the back of the car in a very nice and polite voice, ‘Bryan, if you know of a convenient spot to stop off, I really have to pee.’  My immediate response was, “What?  No.  We are halfway through a 20 minute trip and I know for certain that you went right before we left.”

Robyn responded with an “I don’t think I will make it to Winterswijk if we don’t stop off.” 

I initially told her that the only place I knew of was the Cotton Club, a “Sauna” (read: brothel) right over the Netherlands border.  I argued, “if you really have to go, I can drop you off at the Cotton Club.”  Not wanting my sister-in-law to get a disease for a petty rest room break, I decided against making this the only option.

Knowing that we were going to get gas anyway in the Netherlands, we stopped at the first gas station over the border and I told Robyn “Ok Sergeant Peabody, I will stop off here, but that means you will get blog-posted for this.” She agreed to the terms and thus a new term was born, “Blog-posted.”  The term can be used when somebody does something so ridiculous that it’s worthy of a blog post. 

Now, any time Robyn stops off for a break, we will yell while giving a salute, “Sergeant, reporting for duty!”

That’s the risk you run when you spend a week with a blogger; anything you do is fair game.


Trevor said...

Somehow I am not surprised!

Bryan said...

Hi Trevor, Is the new RSS feed working? We set it up just for you.