Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventures In Borken- Part 2 - Nie Gemacht - German for 'No Soup for You'

Dana went around town to a couple of Hund Salon’s to get a price quote for Oscar’s haircut this week.  One place gave her a reasonable price (Oscar was not there) and one place flat out refused to give a price (Oscar was there).

When Dana asked the second store owner how much it would cost for Oscar to get bathed and shaved, the owner flat out said, ‘Nie gemacht’, which means, ‘I will never make.’  Dana asked the owner in German, ‘This is a dog salon, right?’  The owner said yes, but still refused to give Dana a price by repeating, 'nie gemacht' and showing her to the door. 

We were surprised that the store clerk didn’t even give Dana a ‘screw you’ price (giving a price so high that it implicitly says, 'screw you.')  He flat out refused service to our poor dog.  That means one of two things:

  1. That dog salon is really a drug ring and is not really a dog salon. 
  2. We waited too long to get Oscar a haircut. 

We hope the first place sticks to their word after they see our dog.  Otherwise, I will need to go to a farm that has sheep and shear Oscar with those clippers.   Though it might be a good blog post, I really hope it doesn’t make it that far.

Nie Gemacht!

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