Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back on Track

It has been nice to get back into a normal schedule this week after the last five weeks of Dana and D in America and me in Austria.  I arrived home from Austria just in time for Dylan's 2nd Birthday.  We had a nice party with some of Dylan's closest friends for a couple of hours on Sunday in the evening.  Dylan loved playing with Amy and Erik and the three of them ran around our house on a two hour sugar high.  Dylan had so much fun, he has asked for Amy and Erik to come back every afternoon since his party.

Even though we were all back in Borken, I had to work in Munster every day last week from Monday through Saturday.  I didn't get home until 8pm on Saturday night.  From Sunday to Tuesday this week, we have all been at home enjoying a long three day weekend, thanks to Pfingsten?!  I am not sure what the holiday is or what we say to people as we pass them on the street.  'Happy Pfingsten?'  Either way, its a day off and we are happy about that.

I woke up with Dylan Sunday morning, giving Dana a well needed break. The sun rises at 5am these days and goes down at 10pm, which means Dylan is awake anywhere from 6-7am these days.  Borken is located at 50 degrees N latitude, putting us well north than Grand Rapids, Michigan which is only at 42 degrees. And to think you don't learn anything reading our blog.

We have a short work week (3 days) both this week and next week.  We will likely hang out around this part of Germany, but it will be good just to spend time together as a family.

Dana and I had our 9th Anniversary on this week, but we are waiting to celebrate on Friday night when we can get a babysitter.  I guess you can delay these kinds of celebrations when you have been married this long.

That pretty much catches you on things around here.  More details to come when I can sit down and write more.

Dylan and his new 'einkaufswagen.'  Isn't much easier to call it a 'cart'?

Dylan's new bike. He is quick to correct us when we say, 'bike.'  'It's fahrrad, Daddy.'  

Triple trouble at Dylan's Birthday Party

Sugar rush

Dylan even let his girlfriend open the presents.  

One bite down and only bite to go.  This was right before he stuffed the rest of the cupcake in his mouth. 

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