Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Taste of My Own Medicine

Our trip back to Germany from the US last Tuesday went fairly well.  Dylan wasn't quite the superstar traveler that he was on our way there, but all in all, we survived it.  Thankfully, there were a few extra seats on our long flight, so as soon as we were airborne, a stewardess asked the man sitting next to us if he wanted to move so Dylan and I could have more room (otherwise Dylan would have sat on my lap the whole flight). I've never seen anyone move that fast on an airplane as that man did as he vacated his seat for less cramped, quieter quarters.

Our layover in Amsterdam (a city 2.5 hours away from our home via car) was 3.5 hours long, and the flight to Dusseldorf was only 30 minutes of air time.  It was really irritating that the layover time was longer than the amount of time it would take to drive home, but for whatever reason it was less expensive to end our trip in Dusseldorf than Amsterdam.

Another irritating thing about Amsterdam's Schipol airport was the security check for people coming into the country internationally.  I don't mind having to do the conveyor belt, metal detector thing again, but what I do mind is watching a TSA agent take Dylan's half-empty sippy cup with water in it (that she watched him drink from!!!) and remove it from his clenched little fist causing him to scream and cry and freak out, and pour it out in front of him because it is their "policy" to not allow any liquids to come in through the security check. I gave this lady a look of death straight in the eye and said "He's literally drinking that, and you're still not convinced this isn't a hazardous substance?" Her response was a weak "It's our policy."

So here is my message to TSA if anyone from any airport authority ever reads this:

"Please get your heads out of your butts and use some common sense!"

Good representation of TSA and its "policies"
Now to tie this rant-filled blog post into the headline - a taste of my own medicine - only four days after returning and finally feeling somewhat normal, Bryan headed off on Saturday night for Austria for the whole week with a team of colleagues from his work.  Somehow spending a week at a lakeside, mountain lodge in Achensee, Austria is actually part of a class that students can take.

So here we go again being apart, except this time Bryan is off having fun.  So Dylan and I (and Oscar) are doing our own thing this week, which basically means we're not doing much at all. Bryan said he wasn't all that excited to go, but I don't believe him.  He's going hiking, golfing, to the beach, water rafting - oh yeah, and it's in AUSTRIA. How could you not have fun in this place?

Achensee, Austria 
More Achensee, Austria

Not the "lodge" Bryan is staying at, but in Achensee nonetheless

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