Thursday, August 4, 2011

Anholter Schweiz - A Day a the Nature Park

This week Dylan and I went with my friend Kristin and her daughter, Amy, to Biotopwildpark Anholter Schwiez - aka: a nature park.  The weather was finally warm enough to wear shorts and we even had to put sunscreen on - it actually felt like summer!

Dylan and Amy had a blast chasing each other around the park, seeing the animals and playing on the playground.  This day trip is best described through the photos.

Amy is a stroller diva.

This is pretty much the last time they were both in their strollers for the day.

They had fun chasing each other down the paths.

We saw lots of bears, thankfully all were behind double, electric fences.

Dylan and Amy both exclaimed "Woooowwwww, bears!"

By the look on her face, I don't think Amy wasn't too happy to share the tree stump with Dylan.

That is, until they both discovered how fun it is to inspect the rocks and tree bark at their feet.

Taking a break on a bench.

They held hands for a while - so cute!

This is how Dylan walks when he's deep in thought.
In the "petting zoo" area, Dylan and Amy chased the goats around.

Yes, they literally ran after the goats.

Dylan kept calling the donkeys "Oscar."  Oscar does sometimes have that same dopey, blank stare.

Uh oh.  Don't leave your buggy unattended with donkeys near by!

"Nobody messes with my buggy!"

We had to wrestle multiple items of Amy's away from this donkey.  He really wanted to take off with her apple juice and bananas.

"Peek-a-boo Mommy!"

More Peek-a-boo...

Two tired kids at the end of a fun day.

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Anonymous said...

That was such a great day! We have to do something like this again!