Friday, October 10, 2008

Pip and LB come to visit

At Hotel Foltice, we take the comfort of our out of town visitors very seriuously. This past weekend, from Wednesday to Tuesday, we had Pip (short for my brother, Derek) and his girlfriend LB (short for Laura Becker) visiting from Michigan. We had a great time catching up with them and feel that we did a sufficient job of not scaring off LB from the family.

Highlights of the trip included:

Watching youtube videos of Flight of the Conchords and Nick Burns the Company's Computer Guy. The only reason Pip and LB didn't think "Business Time" is not funny is because they are not married yet. (To my defense, there really is nothing on TV Wednesday night.)

Going on the Haunted Ghost tour in Historic St Augustine. Our guide, Karen (who rotted of incense by the way,) claimed that the fort is an 'epicenter' for spirits and if you keep an open mind, the pictures you take with have bright flashes out of nowhere, which are the spirits.
How then, Karen, does the spirit know that the camera is taken from someone with an open mind? Hmmm. I'll let you think about that one for a minute.
Can you see the ghouls?

We exercised all of the ghost tour out of our system during the weekend where we went to church and hosted our weekly small group of married couples. I think the married group really scared Pip and LB more than the ghost tour.

All and all it was a good few days and I hope they come back to Hotel Foltice really soon.

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