Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Happy Birthweek to me. Happy birthweek to me. We have changed my birthday to a birthweek as my presents have not arrived as of today and my birthday cake has not been made. Is this how Hannukah turned into eight nights?

Both of my readers have been eager to hear the results from todays physical test (okay, maybe the term 'both' is a stretch.)


172.5 lbs of lovin'. A gain of 12.5 lbs.

Bench Press 235lbs X3 (a new record)

Bicep Curls 45lbs X4 (a new record
Dips 43 times (a new record)

46 out of 50 free throws Booooo!

42 out of 50 3 pointers Yay!

48 out of 50 free throw the second time around Double Boooooo!

All and all, a pretty good 28th birthday.

Yes, Dana is still alive. She just hasn't blogged in a really long time.


amy said...

You beat me by 1 3 pointer..dang. I we were in the same gym I'm sure I would've won! You crack under pressure = ) Happy Birthday Bwa! Keep working hard. Ya know it is only a statistic right? You could have better days ahead of you!

Bryan and Dana said...

That's what I said! It's only a statistic. In fact, I have no idea where he even got that statistic from, but somehow it has stuck. - Dana