Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quarter Life Crisis

When you turn 28 years old, it really doesn't mean much. You have been able to drink (legally) for seven years. You could buy cigarettes (theoretically) for ten years. If you really wanted to push it, you could rent a car for three years.

But for me, my 28th birthday means something. It means that I am supposed to be in the best shape of my life. Studies have shown that men reach their physical peak at the age of 28. So, where do I stand?

Let's just say that when I decided to attempt to get here at the beginning of the year, the odds weren't exactly in my favor. Since my basketball playing days, I had gained the Fidelity fifteen, the corporate version of the freshman fifteen, with an additional ten from school on top of that.

That's a total of 185 lbs of lovin at the beginning of January.
If you don't believe me, check out these pictures from Christmas of last year:

I think there is an orb from a ghost in the first picture (if this makes no sense, read the next blog post)

Dana and I did a 21 day fast of fruits and veggies only with our church (this is a whole other series of posts), but I lost 25 pounds. The goal of the fast was not to lose weight, but it happened anyway.

End of January: 160 lbs of skinny lovin.

My goals for Oct. 22 include:
Gaining 10-15 lbs of muscle
In the weight room beating my personal records of:
bicep curls (40lbs.X2)
bench press (225lbs.X2)
tricep dips (35X)
Still be able to after lifting:
Make 49 of 50 free throws (not a record, something I should be able to do any day)
Make 40 of 50 three pointers (not a record, something I should be able to do any day)

Results, as well as before and after pictures, to follow on Wednesday.

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Mom said...

Amazing the difference in the before and after pictures. Looking good, Bry!