Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Shower!

This past weekend was the Baby Shower and it was so much fun! Special thanks to Erika, Rachel and my Mom for putting it on. I could not have asked for a better shower or better friends to share it with.

We held it at Celebration Church in one of the classrooms and had lots of yummy goodies - desserts only! My Mom made her special buttermilk sugar cookies, Erika prepared chocolate fondue and we ordered gourmet cupcakes from Cami Cakes - so good.

Everyone there first offered a word of advice to help me as a new mommy. I think Bryan bribed everyone to say "Take care of Bryan" because a good percentage of people mentioned that. We then played "Measure the Belly" where we passed around a ribbon and everyone had to guess how big my belly is. About 90% of the ribbons were double the size of what my belly actually measures - do I really look that big??? And finally, we played some Baby Trivia. Here are a few scary facts that we learned:

  • The average cost of raising a baby in its first year - $7,000

  • The number of loads of laundry a mom does in 1 year - 330

  • The number of diaper changes in the first two years of a child's life - 7,300

Of course, we wrapped up the shower with opening gifts. The outpouring of love, generosity and thoughtfulness was unbelievable. Bryan and I are still baffled at all of the gifts. Thank you so much - we feel so blessed beyond belief! Here are just a few photos:

Cute stuffed animals!

The Clockwork Markeitng team

So many gifts!
Toys and socks!

Candid group photo

Can't live without a bouncy seat

Mom and me

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