Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dana Downer and Bryan Bummer

This speaks for itself. Enjoy!

If you have not seen the original Debbie Downer, Click Here.

If you are curious how this whole video came about, it all started at the European Street Café, our favorite eatery. I was giving Dana a hard time about her blog writing, stating that she was not a very humorous writer. We then started talking about blog topics and what she would be able to write about.

After eating, I ordered an extra glass of, ahem, dessert, and we got to talking about the funny things people have said about Dana’s pregnancy. Dana caught fire ripping off comment after comment and making the Debbie Downer face. I built on that and we were on our way. We were laughing hysterically in the restaurant.

On our way home, we scribbled down notes about what we had just talked about and used that to film the video. Once home, we did three takes, each one from a different angle. The total film time took 20 minutes. It should have taken only 3-4 minutes, but I couldn’t remember my lines (I only had 3 of them.)

Dana went to work on the video editing which she was really excited about it. She was an A/V dork at school and was pumped to get her hands on a new project. How did I marry her? Whenever I would ask her about the status of the video, I felt obligated to use my Neil Goldman from Family Guy voice.
“So, did you save the script to the S Drive.”
In our own weird way, we thought this was funny and hope you find some humor in it too.


The Montolio Family said...

Wow that was awesome!!!! I hope we never said horrible things!!!

Jason and Lindsey said...

Jason and I were laughing so hard...ya'll are too funny! We may have mentioned the diaper comment, but I think you both witnessed it here on Monday with Grayson! HAHA!

Amy Holleman said...

Oh my...that was great. Good work. I think the biggest bs line that I've heard so far is, "it will go by so fast." Yeah right. 18 weeks has felt like ...well...18 weeks.

Amy Holleman said...

That was amy's comment

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh...Dana, I'm so glad you told me about your blog. This is hilarious. I was sitting here laughing so hard by myself. You guys are great.