Monday, June 1, 2009

The Countdown Begins!

We are officially in countdown mode for Baby Foltice's big arrival. Less than 20 days until his due date (which is June 19), which means that he basically could come at any time. Therefore, everyone we meet who has children tells us how many days early or late their kids were. Pregnancy brings out weird stories from people (see previous post for more on that).We are hoping for an early arrival, mainly because we're so excited to meet him.

This past weekend we did some final baby prep like installing the car seat, which I made Bryan do three times. Over Memorial Day he got a quick car seat installation tutorial from our friend Jason, so when it came time to install ours Bryan "glanced" at the directions and went on memory from the tutorial. He didn't take into consideration that they have a different car seat than we do and their car has the convenient "LATCH" system that makes car seat installation easier (our car is a little too old to have that). So, installation attempt #1 did not meet my inspection because the base was incredibly loose and it's not supposed to move more than 1 inch side to side. I made Bryan read the instructions and try again. Our car also has "bucket" seats in the back, which made it hard to get the seat level. Attempt #2 did not pass my inspection because when the car seat was put on the base the baby would have been sitting straight up, which didn't look safe or comfortable. Here is our conversation about re-installing the seat for a third time:

Dana: The directions show that you can adjust the base so it is
more level. If we keep it like this the baby would be sitting straight up, which isn't right.
Bryan: We'll do that later.
Dana: What do you mean "later?"
Bryan (wiping sweat from his brow - it was 90 degrees out):
Can't I fix it another time?
Dana: I could have the baby tonight. Would you rather fix it in
the hospital parking lot?
Bryan: (Big sigh, gets back in the car to disassemble the seat)

The third time was the charm and it passed my inspection. We then brought the carrier inside and practiced strapping a baby in it with a Winnie-the-Pooh.

Here are some recent baby bump photos. Hopefully soon we'll be able to post photos of an actual baby!

Week 35

Week 36

Week 37


The Montolio Family said...

I promise I will not tell anymore stories!!! LOL...It was great seeing you guys yesterday...You are such an awesome couple and will be such awesome parents!!! He's a lucky boy! Bryan I'm praying he can be here for the game!

Mindy said...

look how cute dana is :)... i am looking forward to meeting your little boy (via the blogging world, anyway!) soon!

we had the same issue with the car seat (rear facing in carrier base), it was tipped so far up it was just unacceptable. we resorted to "lifting" the low end of the base with a couple little pieces of 2x4's to level it out - probably not by-the-book but it was tight as can be and it did the job (for both kids).

hope these next couple weeks go well! best wishes for a safe L&D!

Dana said...

Mildred - We like stories from our friends. You guys have been helpful. The truly weird stories come from total strangers.