Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dylan- the First Week

Dana called my cell phone on Friday morning around 9am. Being two weeks from the due date, my initial thought was, 'What broke on her car this time?' Instead, it was a calm Dana telling me to come over the hospital because her water broke. She was at the OBGYN next door to the hospital and was walking over. Without thinking about the weirdness of that statement, I freaked out and was out the door within a minute.

When I arrived at the hospital, I found Dana in the hospital room. She was sitting at the table and with a smile she said, 'hey Dear, have a seat.' She had checked herself in and was calling everyone on her cell phone. That was my only responsibility and she had done it!

As we talked, I found out that her water broke 10 minutes after I left for work. I actually told Dylan that morning that I wanted to see him and that he needs to come out so we can watch the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals. He actually listened to me!

After the water break, Dana still took Oscar for his morning walk and packed a bag for the hospital. Dana was not having any contractions, but after getting hooked up to the computer, found out that she was indeed having them every 3-5 minutes.

They gave her some drugs to speed things up and when the contractions got too painful, the nurse gave Dana an epidural. That moved things along and took the pain away. Dana actually napped from 3-4pm. By the time she woke up, Dylan was ready to come out. He arrived at 5:08pm and the rest is history.

I was the head of communications for the day sending out text after text and spreading the news on the phone. Dana sent me home at 8pm to post some pictures on the blog. Who could argue with her. She had done awesome all day and I was amazed by her composure through the whole process. I am so proud of her.

The first week is under our belts and it has been great! We had Dana's Mom come up from Ft. Lauderdale to help this week, and boy was she a help. Dylan and Dana are in good health in and doing well. Dylan is a sleeper and is a predictable eater. We have the schedule down, though things could change with Dana's Mom leaving this morning.

Here are some pictures from our highlights from this week:

Dylan received a Redwings Jersey from Amy just in time for Game 7. This is us on Friday night during the game. This was the position for games 5, 6 and 7.

Dana holding the fella during Friday's Game 7. Too bad we lost.

Who's dressing him? Grandma Mohr must be in town.

Grandpa Mohr joined us on Thursday and went home with Grandma on Saturday morning. We will miss them.


juliagulia said...

Big B Dana & Dylan (as in Dylan McKay)
Sounds like everything went so well!!! He is so adorable. We are really happy for you guys! Its so fun to read your blog. I passed it on to Shelly and Liz. Enjoy your first time as just the 3 of you! Wait till the day comes and it become the 5!! (Dana I can tell you how to handle that at a later time :) I want to come up and see you when things settle down. Maybe July? Let me know Finn and I will drive up!! God Bless you guys.

Jason Faircloth said...

So Cool!! We know you all are enjoying every minute. He is such an adorable little doll! Looking forward to more pics and you guys' humorous take on these first few weeks.
Jason and Lindsey

Laura Jane Pittman said...

I was so happy to hear your news! Jackie called me last week to share the exciting update. Dylan is so precious, and you and Bryan look so happy. I'm so glad everything has gone so well, and that Dylan arrived safely.
Laura Jane