Thursday, June 18, 2009

Clear Thoughts by Bryan

We were watching Jeopardy last night in order to stay sharp for Wednesday trivia. As we were going through the second round, we started to notice that I was answering a lot of the questions…Correctly! The only time this ever happens is during Teen Trivia week, and even then, my correct answers are buried under a pile of terrible guesses by the end of the show.
(My role at trivia night is usually to run the answers up to the trivia host, Scott. If I answer any question correctly, it’s only because the topic is 80’s Hair Bands. )
I capped off the incredible run by answering Final Jeopardy correctly. None of the three contestants answered right and one of their names was Francois, (pronounced fran-swah) so it had to be a difficult question.
Dana asked me afterward, “What’s gotten into you?” Remembering the scene from Seinfeld, I answered without skipping a beat, “It’s because the lack of sex. I’ve been thinking so clearly lately.”
According to my calculations, I have 4 weeks and 1 day left of clear thinking. Who’s counting? I am!!!
Okay, so I’ve really grossed all three readers (I couldn't resist.)
To get your mind off of this topic, here are some pictures of our cute son:
Mommy with Baby D

Our Hairy Monster


juliagulia said...

haha i am sure you have more than 3 readers and we at this house totally understand! how is the sleep going? are you and dana getting any (sleep that is :) he is so darn his mama! kidding. you know i always crushed on you in HS. Hope all is good!

Dana said...

Hey! I (Dana) am getting sporadic sleep. Last night Dylan had a 3-3.5 hour stretch of sleep which was awesome until I freaked out and jumped from my bed to check and see if he was still breathing, which ended up waking him. Bryan is more well-rested since he has to get up and go to work. We're slowly finding our rhythm.

Rob Holleman said...

Rob and I both read so ...I think you have more than 3 readers.