Monday, January 25, 2010

No Means No! Croup Part 2 Fasting Update

3 Posts in One. It's a posting hat trick.

No Means No!

Dylan’s new found mobility has made him instantly independent. Dana and I have found ourselves constantly chasing him around the house, picking him up, carrying him back to his play blanket and repeating the process over and over again. We started to feel tired and felt that the power shift was beginning to swing in our 7 month olds favor. Something needed to be done.

During Dylan’s morning nap on Saturday, Dana had enough time to read Baby Wise Part 2. We attribute following Part 1 as the reason why Dylan slept through the night by week 10. Part 2 tackled the issue of creating boundaries and saying ‘no’. We embraced this with open arms and Dylan received a rude awakening when he got up from his nap. Instead of picking him up and moving him when he went ‘out of bounds,’ we told him ‘no’ while we moved him. The second time gets a squeeze on the hand and a ‘no’ and the third time gets a time out to his crib for 2-5 minutes.

We also added play time in his pack and play as a way for Mom and Dad to get some relief. He is not very happy about this new arrangement, but will grow to be more content over time. We are currently at 15 minutes and will extend his individual play time to 45 minutes.

Our nanny found a written ‘rule book’ on our dining room table this morning when she came over. Dana had 3 pages worth of the changes that had been made. Hopefully, Baby Wise Part 2 will prove to be just as effective as Part 1.

Croup Part 2

Last week, Dylan woke up having trouble breathing again. This time we were prepared and his nebulizer was up and running in no time. It took a couple of cycles (hot shower, cold outside air, and nebulizer) but we got him to calm down. His breathing problems didn’t start until 1am, so I got about 3 hours of sleep this time around. I stayed home with the big fella on Thursday and Friday, while working from home.

Guess who got sick? Dana. I could feel something coming on Saturday morning, but flushed it out via a rigorous workout at the YMCA. It’s probably for the best. Despite my high tolerance for pain, I am the biggest baby when I get sick. At least Dana can fend for herself when she feels under the weather.

Fast Update

We are in the last week of our fasts. It has really been great so far. We already have dinner plans for Saturday night after church to break our fast. I am going to tear it up! The spending fast will just have to take a hit.

You can go to our personal finance blog to see our latest update on the spending fast.

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