Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Trip to the Palatka Flea Market

Early Saturday afternoon, Dana, Dylan, and I went to the St Johns Flea Market in Palatka to get fruits and vegetables for our 21 days Daniel fast, that starts tomorrow (Sunday, the 10th.) They always have the cheapest produce in town and it is always worth our time travelling down I-95 a few miles to get there. In addition to great produce, we always walk away from Palatka feeling pretty attractive and happy that we have a full set of teeth.

The produce section is in the center of the entire flea market, so you have to walk through the entire place to get there. The son, Ray (it’s called Ray’s Produce) is what looks like a 60 year old man with gray hair, but still looks fairly agile from the constant labor on the farm. What struck me as odd is that there are like 4 generations ahead of him helping out. Our favorite cashier, Carol, was referred to as ‘Ma’ by Ray. So, Carol, who is so spunky and always makes our day brighter, must be 80. What’s more is that she asked a question to her ‘Ma’ while ringing us up, who was sitting in the corner. How old is her Mom? And to boot, there appeared to be someone who looked older than Carol’s Mom in the same booth! Either Ray is a very old 20-something that looks like he’s 60, or there is a 125 year old lady in Palatka, Florida, that no one knows about.

Though the flea market is good for cheap produce, it doesn’t appear to be very good for anything technological. For instance, an old 19 inch TV for $100. Are you kidding me? Or, a Super Nintendo going for $55.00? (I actually found a picture of this on the flea market web site) I really wanted to see if they had Sonic the Hedgehog or NBA JAM for Sega Genesis, but it was too cold. It is like travelling back to 1990 there.

Total damage at Ray’s Produce: a record, $57.90. On the positive end, we have enough fruits and veggies to last the entire 3 weeks. We have the Debbie Meyer green bags, that will keep it all fresh for a long period of time, except bananas, which only last a few days. On the other hand, we are now behind on our spending fast. We will give you an update on that in a couple of days on how this is going. Stay tuned.


Thomas said...

Sega Genesis, wow. I would have looked for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Return of the Shredder" too, so many addicting games back then with impressive titles :o)

Bryan said...

That's a good one. Hopefully it's in the same section as Contra for Nintendo. I would buy both and lock myself in a room for a month.