Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back from Hiatus

Well, this is embarrassing.  It's been almost a month since anything new has been posted here, and definitely a month since I've contributed.  I wish that I could say the absence of blogging has to do with all of the awesome things we've been doing, but alas, that is not true.  Truthfully, the reason we haven't been posting much is that we just haven't really done much - but that's going to change!  We have a lot of things lined up from now through the end of the year, so stay tuned.

But until those things happen, here's a lame recap of what we've been up to:

Bryan is never sure what day it is - he is just working all the time.  He has school/work all day and basketball every night.  Starting yesterday, Bryan will go about 25 days without any days off.  Don't expect to hear a lot from Bryan.

I got a new Kindle for my birthday and haven't been doing much of anything now that I have an endless supply of books at my disposal.  This is probably the primary reason why I haven't been blogging.  That, and we were kind of broke in October and didn't have any money to do anything worth blogging about.  We saved money by becoming "Weekday Vegetarians" and we only ate meat on the weekends.  Bryan was so busy with work, he didn't even notice that he was a vegetarian.

Dylan keeps us occupied with his 2-year-old nonsense.  He's ridiculously fussy about his clothes and somedays just flat out refuses to wear pants altogether.  I bought him a bunch of new clothes recently because he grew out of all his old ones, but he will only wear about 25% of them.  I can usually find a shirt that he is willing to put on, but pants are a big challenge and it's nearly impossible to hold him down and force pants on him.  He's a strong little kid.

His favorite thing right now is anything that has to do with Disney's Cars movie, which he refuses to call "Cars" and instead calls "Auto Movie."  He goes around the house all day pretending to be a race car and saying "Ka-Chow!" over and over again, like Lightning McQueen does in the movie.

We're also working on potty training Dylan, which so far is going really well as long as Dylan doesn't have pants on.  If he runs around here completely naked on his bottom half, he will go in the "Big Boy Potty" every time and not have any accidents.  So his refusal to wear pants most days is actually working in our favor, unless there is somewhere that we really need to go.  In that case, his screams from being force-dressed are really brutal and our neighbors probably think we're torturing him.    

Oh yeah, we still have a dog.  I almost forgot.  We call him "Oscar Afterthought" for a reason - he doesn't get much of our attention these days, but all in all Oscar is good.

My little man in his all-time favorite shirt.  Tie-dye with tractors on it - classic! 

Dylan was learning how to use a baseball glove.  We've taken the baseball away from him, though, after he ran into a room where I was using the computer and flung it at me, nearly smashing the computer screen.  

This might be the first picture we've taken of Oscar since Dylan was born 2 years ago.

Running around the castle moat...

Dylan was very proud of himself to ride on the back of a Lion while wearing his Lion's sweatshirt.
I also took a photo of Dylan in the same spot as one from last year to see a good comparison of how much he's grown ... take a look:
Last year, October 2010

This year, October 2011

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but I'm sorry for your dog, it seems you don't pay so much attention to him.
I think you all would be happier by including him more in your daily activities.