Friday, November 18, 2011

Dylan's "Cars" Obsession

Dylan is completely obsessed with the Disney/Pixar movie Cars these days.  When Bryan went back to the States in September he returned with the Cars DVD, which we watch in 30-45 minute installments with Dylan, usually during dinner time so Dylan doesn't interrupt us while we try to enjoy our meal.  The unintended outcome is that Dylan is bonkers about this movie and all its characters.

Since Dylan speaks 1/3 English, 1/3 German and 1/3 unintelligible-Dylan-speak, he references all things Cars as "Auto Movie."  I'm pretty sure if you said to him "Dylan, do you want to watch Cars?" he'd have no idea what you were talking about, but if you said "Want to watch Auto Movie?" he'd go completely bananas.  He also only refers to Lightning McQueen (the red one) as "Daddy Auto" and Sally (the blue one) as "Mommy Auto" which is just pretty darn adorable. The only character he gets right is "Mater" the tow truck.

Do you see the theme here?
He also does a really funny thing with his toy tractors after seeing the movie.  If you haven't seen Cars, the characters go tractor tipping (like cow tipping), which Dylan thinks is absolutely hilarious.  He now does this with all of his tractors:

He even pretends his Tonka Tow Truck is "Mater" from the movie.  
This is the scene from Cars or 'Auto Movie' that he is constantly trying to emulate.

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