Tuesday, November 29, 2011

German Things that Make Me Giggle

Living in a foreign country is wrought with oddities and differences that sometimes leave me (Dana) shaking my head and other times just make me giggle.  I snapped some photos around town this past week so I could share some of those things.

This sign translates roughly to "Have a good trip" but seeing signs like this one around Germany bring out the middle-schooler in me and I always giggle.

Here's what I imagine the brainstorming session was like for the people at Simba when they created these trampy dolls:
Marketing Guy 1: Dolls these days just aren't slutty enough.  Let's give our new Mystic dolls goth chokers and mesh skirts.
Marketing Guy 2: Ohhh, neon fishnet stockings are really in right now.  Except lets reinstate the mis-matched, one-high one-low fad.
Marketing Guy 1: Yea, and they each should have a rabid, feral looking pet cat.
Marketing Guy 2: These dolls look good, but something is still missing.
Marketing Guy 1: I've got it!  A thigh tattoo!
Marketing Guy 2: That's sooooo hot.

This is a very literal translation to how I feel in the morning before I have my coffee.

Wall Street to Americans means the epicenter of finance and investing, but here in Borken Wall Street (or Wallstraße) is literally the street that has the town wall on it.

This is an ad for eyeglasses, but I'm so distracted by the dorky guy with the long red hair and full beard wearing tight red pants that I can't imagine this ad brings many customers into the shop.

Dylan was looking at the newspaper with Bryan and came across this article about a man who has more than 400 body piercings.  Always ready to state the obvious, Dylan points at him and simply says "Big mess."  Yes, son, a big mess indeed.


Mom said...

This blog posting has made my day with laughter. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! I literally love and look forward to every blog post you write! You are such an entertaining writer! :)

Love, Rachel Grogan

Dana said...

Thanks Rachel! Glad you enjoy our blog. We miss you guys!