Wednesday, May 11, 2011

America: Week 1

Week one of our three week trip to America is almost over, so I figured now is a good time to give an update on what we've been doing.

We thankfully had an uneventful day of travel to get here.  Dylan was a superstar and I am so thankful that he was such a happy little traveler for our big day.  He was super calm and didn't even fuss when the stupid TSA agents in the Dusseldorf airport decided that he and I were a threat and needed a pat down.  Yes, they seriously made me hold Dylan's arms out so they could pat him down and run their fingers around the elastic waistband of his monkey-sweatpants to see if my boy had a diaper-bomb.  I truly wish he had had a majorly poopy diaper at that moment (a different type of diaper-bomb, I guess) so they would learn their lesson about the real dangers of sticking your hands in a 23-month-old's pants.

After 14 hours of travel, we made it to Baltimore.  Since we arrived in the evening and were exhausted, it was easy to get Dylan to go to bed at a normal time and sleep for a full 12 hours.  So, almost immediately Dylan was put on the right timezone - a miracle!

This week seems to be the week where I sate all my food cravings.  I've had Cheerios, Everything bagels with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, cookie-dough ice cream, Cherry Coke and much more. Still on the list is Rootbeer, Smartfood Popcorn, Mac and Cheese and a few others.

We've spent a lot of time just at home, playing in the yard and going to the playgrounds.  Dylan loves his Oma and Opa - he takes their hands and drags them all over the house.  It's so nice for me - because I get a break!  He's way more interested in playing with Oma and Opa than with me. So I actually get to read the newspaper in the morning and drink my coffee in peace while my Mom chases Dylan around.  Dylan also loves to dance with his Oma and every morning the first thing he does is run over to the iPod doc and say "Dance! Dance!" and request some tunes.

Coming up this next week are more trips to local parks and playgrounds, and hopefully a trip to the D.C. zoo on Friday.  Dylan does a pretty hilarious elephant impression, so I'm excited to see his response to a real elephant.

Stay tuned...

Enjoying some animal crackers with Oma

Snuggling with Opa

Story time

Birthday presents! 

Birthday cake!

Yummy ice cream cake!  Boy, was he wired after all this sugar!

Fun twisty slide at the park

Walking along the wall looking for lizards with Opa

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Bryan said...

This was depressing to read. I wish I could be there. Glad to hear you guys are having a great time. I miss you.