Wednesday, May 18, 2011

America: Week 2

Dylan and I now have two of three weeks back in America under our belts. Wow - this trip is really going by fast!  We haven't been super busy and most of our time is spent playing with Dylan around the house, in the yard or on the neighbor's swing sets.

One of the things I like best here is the simple pleasure of going to the grocery store or to Target.  It's amazing how HUGE all of the store are here, especially Target, and all of the different options we have in America.  I plan to take a photo of the cereal aisle in the grocery store for one of my friends in Germany who didn't believe me that there could be such a huge cereal selection.

Last week we had two big outings - one to Watkins Regional Park and the other outing was to the National Zoo.

Watskins Regional Park is about 15 miles away and has a train, small farm, carousel and massive playground. We first tackled the train, which was a cute little amusement park style ride that took us on a 10 minute train ride through the woods and around the farm. I have never seem Dylan so overjoyed and excited about any kind of ride as he was on this train. He giggled and smiled ear-to-ear the entire time. Even after the train ride, whenever he heard it nearby he ran to the fence to watch the train go by.  He also loved checking out the chickens, peacocks and other birds, but he wasn't really into the larger farm animals like lamas or ponies.  He tired himself (and Mom and I) out running around the playground with about 100 other kids who were there on a field trip.  We all needed long naps when we got home.

The very next day, we took Dylan to the Smithsonian National Zoo in D.C. He was a great little traveler that day and loved walking around holding "Papa's" hand and checking out the animals. His favorites were the elephants and the panda bear.  He goes crazy now whenever he sees an elephant on TV and his  impersonation of an elephant is pretty funny.

Dylan has come down with a nasty cold this week and we learned today that he has an ear infection also, so our third and final week in the U.S. is pretty low key.  He's been in good spirits despite feeling super sick, but hopefully in another 24-48 hours the meds will kick in and we'll be able to have some more fun the final few days that we're here. Keep us in your prayers that nobody else comes down with what he has!

Here are some pics from the week:

Playing with the neighbor's toys

Boy, those chickens are noisy!

Dylan and Mommy on a tractor!

He is soooo jealous of everyone on the train.

Riding the carousel with "Oma."

Look at all those chickens!

Dylan can barely contain his excitement for being on the train.

Look Mommy! Elephant!

Walking along the wall at the zoo with "Opa."

In front of the lions...

Guess who's in the barn?

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