Friday, May 27, 2011

German (Pop) Culture Shock

This is a follow up to the American (Pop) Culture Shock post written last week. 

Since our audience of our American and German readers are split almost direct in half (ok, it’s 5 to 4 to be fair) I’ve decided to give a top 3 Pop culture list for Americans who really want to fit into the German culture when you come visit Germany.   You will win instant friends over here if you add any of the below in normal conversation.

1. Eurovision Song Contest.  This is Europe’s American Idol, before American Idol became lame several years ago.  You can bring the European Song Contest up with anyone and they will instantly engage you in a conversation.  In fact, the main reason I came home early last Saturday night from Dortmund was to watch the Eurovision Song Contest final that started at 9pm (oh, I can’t believe I am admitting this).

I am not sure what is worse: the song ‘Lipstick’ from Jedward* or the fact that I know the words to the song. 

*Jedward was Ireland’s entry. ‘Jedward’ is the combination of John and Edward.  Quite frankly John is getting ripped off.  His brother is getting all of the letters but one. Ireland, you must be so proud.

The jump kicks at 35 seconds and 1 min 20 are the best!
*John and Rachel Scott, you are permanently moving to a country where this is the new #1 single.    Just sayin'. 

On a brighter note, I now know that the country Azerbaijan exists.  Congratulations Azerbaijanian’s. 

2. Daniella Katzenberger: Naturally Blonde.   Ok, before you start judging me, I primarily watch this show because Daniella Katzenberger uses such a simple German vocabulary that I find her show very informative and use it as a German learning guide.   This is probably why my German is still so bad. 
I have asked around and, she is a savvy business woman with a successful/profitable coffee shop in Mallorca.    
Don’t judge a book by her poor German. 

3. Herbert Gronemeyer.  This is Germany’s Bruce Springsteen.  A professor at the University let me borrow one of his greatest hits CD’s that was sung in English and now I am hooked.  He sells out every soccer stadium in Germany.  My goal is to not only go to a Herbert Gronemeyer live concert, but more importantly, understand his German songs. 

Honorable Mention:  Dortmund won the German Bundesliga Championship.  Hey, Duetscher Meister, BVB Borussia! 

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