Monday, May 23, 2011

America: Week 3

Well, this week has been a little different than the last two. Dylan came down with a nasty cold on Sunday that sidelined us most of the week. He was "croupy" Sunday and Monday - the first time since he was a little baby - and by Wednesday morning he still wasn't getting better so we took him to the doctor. Dylan hasn't gone to the doctor since last August, so of course it is inevitable that when we're traveling he needs to go.  They thankfully checked his ears and caught an ear infection and put him on antibiotics.  Within 24 hours of starting the antibiotics he was like a completely different kid.  He is still on the mend, but recovering quickly thanks to the meds.

Sick Dylan.
Dylan lay on my lap like this for about 30 minutes while I tickled his back and face.  Rarely does he sit still that long for anything. 

So a sick Dylan made for a really super cranky Dylan, especially during the transitional period after he started the meds but before he started to feel normal again, so we still didn't do all that much.  Our first outing with him other than to the doctor and the drug store was on Friday (nearly a week after he got sick) when we went back to Watkins Regional Park so he could ride the train again. Here is a video of Dylan's reaction when the train ride started:

Here are some other pictures from Watkins Regional Park:

Friday night we felt Dylan was well enough to be left with a babysitter so my parents and I could go out to dinner and have some time together that wasn't interrupted by Dylan shouting "Oma!" "Papa!" "Mommy!!!" all the way through our meal.  We headed into downtown Annapolis for a yummy open-faced prime rib sandwich at The Federal House - highly recommended.  I wonder what "open-faced prime rib sandwich" is in German?  Dylan was a dream for the babysitter - no crying, no fuss; just the kind of a report a mommy likes to hear when she comes home.

His reward for good behavior is a yummy ice cream cone.

On Saturday we ventured into D.C. in the morning and walked around the DuPont Circle area where there are tons of restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques and fun places and people to see.  Dylan had a great time holding "Papa's" hand and pointing out all the taxi's, busses, police cars, trucks and "autos" that we walked passed.  We also had amazing cheesesteak sandwiches at JJ's Philly Cheese Steak on 14th Street for lunch, almost ruining out appetite for dinner.

Dylan and "Papa" on the street in D.C.  I think Dylan got the "Mohr" long-and-lean body type gene.

Sunday we spent the warm morning walking around the Naval Academy in Annapolis and enjoying the nice weather.  Dylan enjoyed sitting on top of the cannons.  In the afternoon I packed all of our stuff up and am still trying to squeeze it all into my suitcase.

Good thing it's not loaded.

This one is just his size.

Dylan peaked inside the mail slots of every single home and business in downtown Annapolis.
I can't believe our three weeks went by so fast!  Well, for Bryan and Oscar they were the slowest three weeks ever.  Bryan said that Oscar just sits around the house and cries all day for no reason.  Bryan probably does the same.  Hopefully our long journey home will be as uneventful as our long journey here and that Dylan will be well-behaved.

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